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question 1. Class, after reading this chapter, what are your

question 1. Class, after reading this chapter, what are your thoughts about your own critical thinking progression?  Where are you on the critical thinking scale?  Are you on your way toward the advanced stage?  How can you use the advice that Paul & Elder (2012) - or any of your other textbook authors - provide to continually move closer to this stage?

Question 2. 

You are at the end of your critical thinking journey - but only for this class!  Hopefully, this will now be a lifelong journey for you, as Kirby & Goodpaster (2007) suggest:  a never-ending quest for self-improvement, knowledge, and personal truth.


Here are a few things to think about after reading this . . . .


  • If someone asked you what you learned in this class, what would you tell them? 


  • If you had to teach someone about critical thinking, where would you begin?


  • How do you plan to use the lessons from this course to continually improve your own critical thinking in the future?
  • Question 3. 

Hi class, in reviewing our final chapter you will find there is a lot of information that is tied in to draw broader conclusions about how we live our lives. How these concepts are represented and applied within our lives is really up to us (Chaffee, 2015). A similar lesson was taught by Dr. Randy Pausch, a professor of computer science, in his last lecture (Carnegie Mellon University, n.d.). His lesson on actualizing childhood dreams was so moving, he was asked to give a mini version on Oprah. If you are interested in watching a clip, you can view that version here (Pausch, n.d.):  click this link.


If I were preparing my own 'Last Lecture,' I think I would teach a lesson on having and following a mission through life. I would explore points on fostering a lifetime love of learning and natural curiosity for the things around us, the value of aspiring for excellence and 'doing things right,' and owning responsibility for my own beliefs and actions as well as their corresponding effect on the feelings of others.


What do you all think about Dr. Pausch's Last Lecture (Carnegie Mellon University, n.d.)? If you were preparing your own 'Last Lecture' for a critical thinking course, what are some lessons you have learned in our class that you could include for the audience?


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