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Please assist with the development of the following discussion:

Please assist with the development of the following discussion:

1.  Based on your knowledge of contracts from your reading this week, discuss the following case.  Be sure to support your view with the facts and the law. 

Maurice is an accountant who works for the firm of Addum, Upp, & Paymee. Maurice was approached by Shirley Eugest, who represents one of Addum?s competitors, BeanCounters, Inc. Maurice was offered a substantial raise to leave his company and work for BeanCounters. When Maurice's boss heard this he called him in and said, ?If you stay with us, I promise that next year you will receive a promotion with a 50% raise, and a 5-year contract.? Maurice turned down the offer from BeanCounters and stayed with Addum. Nine months later Maurice was dismissed due to corporate downsizing. Can Maurice legally enforce his boss?s promise? What theory or theories would Maurice use?  Discuss fully.


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