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[solution] » I need help with a strategic analysis that i am doing for uni.

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I need help with a strategic analysis that i am doing for uni.

I need help with a strategic analysis that i am doing for uni. The questions and case study are below. Thanks

1) Critically analyse Sirius XM Radio, its markets, and its competitors.a) Sirius XM Radio (internal analysis): What are the strengths and weaknesses ofSirius XM Radio? What has caused Sirius XM Radio?s financial position to dropover recent years? What factors are enabling or constraining Sirius XM Radio tograsp opportunities the market offers? What sources of competitive advantageand/or disadvantage does Sirius XM Radio have?b) Market (external market analysis): What are the key factors that affect profitability inthe satellite radio industry? What are the overall trends in, and size of, the market?Which segments are declining and which offer growth opportunities? What are thekey forces Sirius XM Radio will need to deal with to achieve success?c) Competitors (external competitor analysis): Who are Sirius XM Radio?s traditionaland new competitors? What are they doing better than Sirius XM Radio? What isSirius XM Radio doing better than its competitors?2) Identify the key strategic issues you need to take into account when developing astrategy for Sirius XM Radio. At this stage, you are not required to develop a newstrategy for Sirius XM Radio, which will be the core of the Business Strategy Report(Assignment 2).a) Use step 1 to create a list of key strategic issues that Sirius XM Radio needs toaddress if it is to achieve success in competition and increase communityparticipation in rowing. Strategic issues are events, developments, trends orcharacteristics in either the internal or external environment that have the potentialto affect organisational performance. Strategic issues may emanate from: (a) theexternal environment (e.g. e.g. a large competitor enters a key market or there is anuntapped opportunity in the Indian market); (b) the internal environment (e.g. loss ofspecialist capability and knowledge); or (c) interaction between the external andinternal environments (e.g. competitor?s new technology surpasses our internalR&D efforts). By implication strategic issues demand organisational response toone or more of the following: (i) mission, vision or mandate; (ii) mix of products andservices; (iii) how products or services are positioned in the market; (iv) targetcustomers, clients or users; or (v) internal factors such as cost, strategic resources,financing, organisation, or management.3) Prioritise these issues.a) It is impossible to address all strategic issues to the same extent. It is thereforecritical that you prioritise the issues in terms of the impact that you believe theirresolution will have on achieving success in competitions and increase communityparticipation. In your report, illustrate only the most important 2-3 issues.


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