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Match the definitions on the left with the correct terms from the

 Match the definitions on the left with the correct terms from the drop down list on the right.

Words: [ Discipline, Early childhood development, macrosystem, mesosystem, ethnicity, socialisation, parenting style, microsystem, westernisation, exosystem, punishment, altruism, media]

1. Learning to behave in ways that are socially and culturally relevant and acceptable. It includes thinking, feeling and acting. It is a learned behavior involving contact with environment.

2. A way to control children?s behavior, e.g. talking to them about issues or threatening punishment.

3. The developing person?s society and subculture with particular reference to the belief systems, lifestyles and options and patterns of social interchange (Berns, 1997, p.28)

4. The activities and relationships with family, preschool teachers, school teachers, peers and others in contact with the child.

5. Television, videos, books, newspapers, magazines, music and computers.

6. The study of how children and develop in the physical (gross motor and fine motor), emotional, social, cognitive and language areas from birth to eight years of age, even though they may be from developmentally and culturally diverse backgrounds.

7. Linkages and interrelationships between two or more components of a developing person?s microsystem such as the family and preschool, or the family and the peer group (Berns, 1997, p.27).

8. An attribute of membership in a group in which members identify themselves by national origin, culture, race or religion. It can be based on physical and/or cultural attributes.

9. Showing a high regard for others.

10. Setting in which children are not active, participants but are affected by them e.g. parental employment, the city council, the parents? social support network (Berns, 1997, p.28)

11. The parental attitudes with shape the way the parents interact with their child.

12. Use of physically or psychologically painful stimuli (spanking, withdrawing food, locking in a cupboard) when children display inappropriate or undesirable behaviours

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