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[solution] » My homework is about Middle Eastern. Author : Lust, E. (Ed.).

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My homework is about Middle Eastern. Author : Lust, E. (Ed.).

My homework is about Middle Eastern.  Author : Lust, E. (Ed.). (2014). The Middle East, (13th ed.). 

Please Follow the APA format for writing and citation. Minimum 200 words for each question.

  1. What area covers the Middle East? Who invented the term? How diverse is the Middle East? Give three examples of its diversity.
  2. Why did Zionists see a need for a Jewish national homeland at the end of the 19th century? What strategy did they adopt to achieve this goal?

1. Middle East refers to geographic location and Middle East lies in South West Asia and


North East Africa. We can say that Middle East region extends from about 2000 miles


from the Black sea in...


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