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I am not looking for a full paper to be done. i would like help

I am not looking for a full paper to be done. i would like help with pretty much an outline or to briefly answer any of the topics so that i can put it into my own words and expand on it. The proposed new division is Apple Inc. venture in creating a smart TV called the iTV. features such as Apple TV, iTunes, and a web browser, and voice recognition built in. It will produce 4K televisions in sizes ranging from 36 inches all the way to 90 inches. The same way that Apple phones and Apple laptops sync together the new TV will do the same. While watching TV text messages, emails, and phone calls will be displayed. This will give consumers full control of their lives even if their other products are left in another room. Yes other Television makers do some of these things, but if you have ever used two apple products together the simplicity is unmatched.


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