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The following is adapted from a case study on the child called

The following is adapted from a case study on the child called Sam. Read the adaptation and answer the questions that follow in the form of an essay.According to Sam?s doctor, his development can be perceived as normal or typical. During his mother?s pregnancy, she was careful to prevent herself and her unborn child from being exposed to teratogens. Sam was born without any defects, which may be attributed to Melissa?s cautiousness. A look at Sam throughout the years shows several characteristics. The first month of life he learned the sucking reflex, which caused him to suck at anything placed at his lips. Not long after Sam turned two years of age he began to speak in full sentences, although they were not sophisticated. Sam is now four years old. There are certain skills he has not mastered. When Sam was asked which row contained more cars, he chose the row that appeared longer, even though that was not the correct answer. Another example of lack of mastery was when some boys at the Laven tille Early Learning Center were playing with the trains and Sam decided he wanted the one that Brandon was playing with. He grabbed it out of Brandon?s hands. Sam also has ability to recognize most of the letters of the alphabet. He can even print his own name,without any assistance. Sometimes when Sam draws a picture he likes to label what he is drawing, such as the family dog. He has yet to learn how to spell ?Jake,? but does not hesitate to ask an adult for help.

After reading the above, identify the area(s) or domain(s) of development beingdiscussed. (2 marks)

In identifying the main domain of development being discussed, determine whichtheorist?s work would be most applicable to the case. (2 marks)

 Briefly explain a minimum of five (5) characteristics or main points of the theorist?swork. (10 marks)

 According to your identified theorist, which stage of development is Sam currently in? (1mark)

 Identify two parts of the above that helped you to make this determination, giving theappropriate name for the characteristics that displayed by Sam. (6 marks)

 Review the existing research to support your own ideas on one activity that can beutilized by his mother or teacher to enhance Sam?s development in the specific domain.Be sure to give the activity an appropriate name, identify three (3) aims and objectives ofthe activity, and identify materials that will be needed for the activity. (9 marks)

Word Limit: 2000 ? 2300 words

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Lack of Mastery




Sam was delivered with no deformities, which might be credited to Melissa's carefulness. A


glance at Sam during the time demonstrates a few qualities. During his...


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