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[solution] » Go to: and click on the "MOVIES"

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Go to: and click on the "MOVIES"

Go to:

and click on the "MOVIES" button, then click to view "The Story of Stuff" in which our current materials economy is examined from extraction, to production to distribution to consumption to disposal. As you watch the video, think about the interrelationship between people, the planet and prosperity.

S 1) STATE the concept of the movie. 

E 2) ELABORATE on the concept: Identify at least two items presented in the film to which there are opposing viewpoints. The latter may be yours or those obtained from other sources like YouTube or online, and explain why you agree or disagree with these differing viewpoints. 

E 3) EXEMPLIFY the concept: Describe an example (in Annie Leonard's analysis) of an interrelationship between any two of the three P's, express your agreement or disagreement with her statements and explain why. 

I 4) Illustrate the concept: Identify a fact she stated that most surprised you and illustrate the implication of this new information. 


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