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This course requires you compose and present a Capstone Paper to

This course requires you compose and present a Capstone Paper to your tutor. This paper comprises of a situational examination and study of an issue or issue that you have either taken an interest in or saw in an association. The particulars of the paper are as per the following:

?It ought to have as its subject an issue or issue that you have taken part in or saw in an association of which you have been a section.

?It ought to be in story structure.

?It ought to be close to 13 pages (3000 words) in length.

?No references are required.

?It is expected the most recent day of the semester.

?Organizational conduct ideas ought to be talked about in solid terms in your examination and


?Be beyond any doubt the accompanying segments are available:

?Statement that obviously distinguishes of the issue or issue you will talk about in your paper

?A full exchange of the circumstance encompassing the issue or issue, including depictions of

all members and how they identify with each other inside the hierarchical structure, and

additionally including portrayals of connections in respect to the issue

?A dialog of the procedure used to accomplish the result

?An examination of whether you think the result or results were moral, reasonable, and

dependable as to different members

?If you were not in concurrence with the result, an appraisal of why this is valid and

recommendations for how you would have taken care of the circumstance for a superior result



Growing globalization and developments in communication expertise have powered


the advent of worldwide virtual teams. There is abundant prospective for conflict in virtual


teams as associates work through ethnic, geographic, and time borders. National variety is


probable to add to both task and relationship conflict whereas functional multiplicity may


affect task conflict. Enormous capacities of automated communication and dearth of nearness


of feedback in asynchronous means can add to task conflict. Furthermore, the association


amid task conflict and team success is expected to be depending upon job difficulty and


conflict resolve method. The impact of relationship conflict on work might be contingent on


task dependence and conflict purpose method.




Virtual teams are defined as vigorous teams whose associates are physically and temporally


disseminated and work distantly, often reliant on automated technology. The effort in


harnessing the potential of virtual teams may be associated with an incapability to efficiently


manage the conflict and expressive actions of virtual team members.


Research question, significance and methodology of the research


i. Research question


?The research question which is to be answered through this question is that what are the


various factors that affect the effective team management and the impact of virtual teams on


the organisations culture, behaviour and communication within teams??


ii. Significance


The significance of this research paper is to draw upon the experts opinions with respect to


the already available literature and the research done by the previous authors. This research


will bring focus on the real time issues and the possible solutions of the problem of virtual


team management in most of the organisations owing to the geographically dispersed teams.



iii. Methodology


The methodology for the above mentioned research question will be combination of primary


and secondary research which will be carried out in phases with primary research following


the secondary research (Bogdan, 1975).






Review of journals


Review of news reports


Review of books


Analysis of the secondary information


Consolidation of the qualitative information


Determination of independent variables,


Determination of Sampling frame, Determination


of sampling technique, Determination of Sample




Formation of interview questionnaire


Administration of the questionnaire


Analysis of the quantitative data


Result formation and Interpretation


Reporting of the results


































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Sage Publications.


Oluremi B. Ayoko, Alison M. Konrad, Maree V. Boyle, (2012) Online Work: Managing


Conflict and Emotions for Performance In Virtual Teams, European Management Journal 30,


156? 174


Remco De Jong, Rene´ Schalk and Petru L. Curseu (2008) Virtual Communicating, Conflicts


And Performance In Teams, Tilburg University, Tilburg, The Netherlands


Bogdan, R.C. and Taylor, S.J. (1975), Introduction to qualitative research methods: A


phenomenological approach to the social sciences, Boston: Allyn & Bacon.



Rubin, H. and Rubin, I. (1995), Qualitative interviewing: the art of hearing data, Sage


Publications, San Diego.




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