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Please read the post below and respond by answering the

Please read the post below and respond by answering the following.

What are the strengths in the research questions and methods they proposed? Does the research design adequately address the question? What constructive suggestions would you give for improvement? The answer does not need to be lenghtly 75-100 words

For this review I have chosen to look more closely at the field of health psychology, more specifically I would like to focus on the benefits of meditation in relation to reduction of stress, anxiety, and insomnia. This is an area of interest for me because I strongly believe in medication as a last resort for treating stress related health issues such as these and promising research in the area of meditation and psychology suggests that meditation may actually decrease levels of stress and anxiety in college students (Rizer, et. al, 2016).

Two potential research questions for this topic would be:

1.) Does meditation decrease levels of stress when practiced regularly?

2.) What role does meditation play in the reduction of stress and stress related disorders?

One research design that could be used to answer these questions would be an experimental research design in which participants would be instructed to practice meditation once a day using a guided application to ensure that all participants follow the same patterns of meditation. Participants would be required to respond to a survey before and after the use of meditation to determine its role in stress reduction. Limitations of this study would include possible error in self-reported data.

A case study could also be helpful in the analysis of this research question. A case study which follows one individual with known history of stress related disorders and examines the role of meditation on stress level of the individual over time could be of benefit to researchers seeking an understanding of the role meditation plays on stress.

Rizer, C. A., Fagan, M. H., Kilmon, C., & Rath, L. (2016). The Role of Perceived Stress and Health Beliefs on College Students' Intentions to Practice Mindfulness Meditation. American Journal Of Health Education, 47(1), 24-31. doi:10.1080/19325037.2015.1111176



The first research question is very important in determining the relationship between stress and


decrease of stress level. I also feel that the second question is important in establishing...


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