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Please read the post below and respond by answering the

Please read the post below and respond by answering the following.

What are the strengths in the research questions and methods they proposed? Does the research design adequately address the question? What constructive suggestions would you give for improvement? The answer does not need to be lenghtly 75-100 words

I chose child psychology for my research since I am a psychology major I think at a young age in children with disoders I think they can have a better chance of leading a normal live if they get the help they need at and early age. Children go through so many different things with other children picking on them maybe they don't dress as good as some of ther other children do, that is why there are mores children that commit suicide I would want to have a of the history of the child to determine what kind of behaviors disorder they have and to determine if they were abused or neglected as a result of it.

I would try to find out the environment the child live in whether the child is being neglected or, what contribute to the diagnosis young children with disorders?

I would find out what causes the psychological disorders such as mood swings or anxiety attacks, and social and the mental development of children and personality disorder in children.

The type of research I would most likely to use for finding of children that have different disorders which lead them to have anxiety and personality disorders I would research the cause of the damage to the children by comparing to all the different research that I studied about the reasons of the personality disorder and anxiety the children have and how it effect their emotions I will have information from every case studies made by researchers analyzing all of the information given that cause the damage to the child behavior could be genetic or caused by environment they live in and others behaviors. I would study the particular issues that would narrow down all possibilities of all causes of children that might not be able to feel comfortable and they may act out since they don't know the person.

Strengths in the Research Questions


The environment that children live plays an important as far as the wellbeing of children is


concerned hence the adequacy of your first research question....


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