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Please read the post below and respond by answering the

Please read the post below and respond by answering the following.

What are the strengths in the research questions and methods they proposed? Does the research design adequately address the question? What constructive suggestions would you give for improvement? The answer does not need to be lenghtly 75-100 words

I have chosen to do my research design based on veterans/active duty military and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is a silent killer among veterans and active duty personnel that affects veterans daily.  Veterans now account for 20% of suicides in the United States (  This is a personal subject for me for I come from a military family, and my husband is a war veteran.  I have been around many military veterans, some that are amputees, and some that are forever changed.  Just recently, a close friend of ours, an Army veteran, successfully committed suicide.  To be able to help reduce the number in suicides would be life changing for many.  A lot of veterans I know, even those that are amputees, do not believe in talking to a psychologist about their incidents that have caused PTSD, so I would like to find an alternative therapy method for those that feel they cannot seek professional help.

Research questions:

#1: Would keeping a daily journal of dreams, feelings, flashbacks, and stories help reduce symptoms of PTSD?

From experience, there are many that do not wish to share their stories with professionals.  They either do not have faith in the process or are shut down.  Participants in this study will be recently diagnosed with PTSD or are suspected to have the disorder.  Both types of participants will go through a process to verify their diagnosis of PTSD through a psychologist following diagnostics as described by the DSM-5, and must have three dreams a week that pertain to war.  Each participant will be given a journal where they will keep track of their dreams, flash backs, mood swings, and thoughts or stories of what they have experienced during times of war.  It would be suggested that participants are detailed in their writings.  This would be a self assessment study with researchers periodically getting in contact with participants to touch base and check on how they are doing and making sure they are on track as agreed.  This would be a three month study.

#2:  Would putting veterans in an intermural sport with strictly veterans help reduce symptoms of PTSD?

Regular exercise has been shown to positively impact upon factors contributing to the metabolic syndrome as well as improving depressive and anxiety related symptoms (BMC Psychiatry, 2011).  Prior to the start of the study, participants will be assessed for PTSD through psychologists according to the DSM-5.  Participants are either active duty military or veterans, ages 25 and older.  Before the beginning of the study, a questionnaire will be given for participants to fill out regarding symptoms and how they feel.  For three months, participants will be apart of an intermural program where every weekend a sport is played.  After, lunch will be served and participants will be free to leave at their will.  Each session is anticipated to last around four hours.  Every two weeks, a similar questionnaire will be given to the participants to fill out before their sporting event.  At the end of the study, answers for each participant will be reviewed and compared to the other questionnaires the same individual answered.

Exercise augmentation compared to usual care for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Randomised Controlled Trial (The REAP study: Randomised Exercise Augmentation for PTSD). (2011).BMC Psychiatry11(1), 115-121. doi:10.1186/1471-244X-11-115 (2013).  Shocking PTSD, Suicide Rates for Vets. Retrieved from


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