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Question #1 In this assignment you will use the `turtle` python

Question #1

In this assignment you will use the `turtle` python module to draw a snowman. You may NOT use the function to draw circles.

Snowman description:

  • The outline of the snowman should be in black.
  • The snowman's body should be made of 3 circles.
  • Each circle should be centered above the one below it (except the bottom circle, which can be located anywhere).
  • There should be no gap between the circles.
  • Give the snowman eyes, a nose and four buttons (a hat is optional).
    • you can use thedot() function or stamp() function for eyes and buttons
    • you can draw a small triangle (or dot) for the nose
    • you should increase the width of turtle before using the dot function. use thewidth()function to set the width of turtle.

Optional parts (not required, but can get you two bonus points if done):

  • The snowman should be on a blue background, and should be drawn filled with white.
  • You can include two stick-arms and at least two fingers on each hand.
  • Draw some trees, simply draw green triangle with brown rectangle as stem.
  • Coloring of different items: buttons, eyes, nose, hat.

Question #2

Rules? Use basic Python, numpy and matplotlib modules. Any other modules need my approval.? Produce a LATEX-generated PDF of your report.? Ask plenty of questions to ensure you have a good understanding of the project.? The code (and reports) should look vastly different for different groups. Very similar code will incur ahefty penalty.? Everyone should excuses, no exceptions.Part 11. Generate 20 points of X ? N (?3    4, I) and Y ? N (3      ?2, 2I). Store this dataset in a file.2. Using Fisher's Linear Discriminant Analysis, find the decision boundary.3. Plot X,Y and the decision boundary. Make sure that you use a good plotting technique so that it iseasy to distinguish which datapoint is X and which is Y .4. Calculate the accuracy of your linear classifier.Part 2In this part we will investigate the effects of mean for jointly Gaussian random variables on accuracy.1. Generate 20 points of X ? N (?3 + µ14 + µ1, I) and Y ? N (3 + µ2?2 + µ2, 2I).2. Using Fisher's Linear Discriminant Analysis, calculate the decision boundary and plot accuracy vsµ1 ? [0, 3] and µ2 ? [0, 3]. Note that this is a 3D plot.Part 31. Generate 20 points of X ? N (?34, ?1) and Y ? N (3?2, ?2), where ?1 =?1 00 ?1and ?2 =?2 00 ?2.2. Using Fisher's Linear Discriminant Analysis, calculate the decision boundary and plot accuracy vs?1 ? [1, 5] and ?2 ? [1, 5]. Note, as in the previous part this is a 3D plot.1

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