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Microsoft Word - 2016 TU2-Cell growth A CHO mammalian cell
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A CHO mammalian cell culture is set up by a chemostat stirred tank bioreactor to produce HBsAg. Glucose is the growth rate limited substrate and cell growth follows the Monod Model.

The feeding flow rate is 20L/hr with the glucose concentration 0.25M, and the glucose concentration in the outlet is 5g/L. It has been found out the maximal cell growth rate is 0.2 hr-1 and the saturation constant, or half-velocity constant of substrate is 2.0 g/L. The cell yield coefficient is Y X/S = 0.30g/g. Find out:

  1. a)  CHO cell concentration in the outlet stream.
  2. b)  Culture medium volume in the bioreactor at flow rate of 20L/hr.
  3. c)  Keep the culture medium volume from b) constant, what is maximal flow rate to avoid the cells washed out from this bioreactor?

Ans1. The cell separation tests were carried out using a 20-L stainless-steel tank


containing cell suspension from a 1-L spinner culture diluted to 20 L with PBS


(pH 7.2) containing 0.9% NaCl. The...


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