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Question: Discussion Questions (Due to be posted this week no


Discussion Questions (Due to be posted this week no later than Thursday) expected length approx. 250 words per question.

1. Check out one of the online recruitment companies: and are just two possibilities. Give us a brief summary and critique of what you found. 

2. Use the Job Characteristics Model and describe your current job to us. If you are not currently working, describe a previous job; if you have no work experience, interview a family member or friend and describe that person's job according to the elements of the JCM.


Each week, there will be a current events thread for you to post comments on any HR-related news reports or stories that you run across during the week. Tell us about the story and the source. Feel free to give us the URL for the story if it is online, but don't cut and paste the article into our class (copyright restrictions). This is one way that we will make the course very current and explore the many HR related issues that are constantly in the news. It is also a good way for you to collect those important participation points. Note that this assignment relates to Course Competency # 5:

"Demonstrate a familiarity with HR-related current events and identify sources of information on HR issues to stay proficient and knowledgeable in the field and to ensure business results."


Does not meet basic criterion

Meets basic criterion



Demonstrates ability to find an HR current event from a credible news source

Article chosen is not an HR current event and not from a credible news source.(0)

Article is an HR current event but is not from a reliable source of information.(1)

Article is an HR current event and from a credible source of information.(.15)

Article is clearly a significant current event related to HR. and from a credible news source.(.2)

Demonstrates an understanding of key points of the story

Does not discuss key points of the story (0)

Provides broad overview only of the story. (.25)

Gives some details of story; reader may still have questions (.275)

Describes the essence of the story answering who, what, when, why, and where (.3)

Explains the relevancy of the story to staying proficient and knowledgeable in the HR field

No explanation given of the relevancy of this story. (0)

Relates story to HR in general terms (.25)

Specifically relates story to being knowledgeable and proficient in the HR field. (.275)

Fully explains importance of the story to being proficient and knowledgeable regarding HR theory and/or practice (.3)

Communicates in clear, logical, grammatically correct terms and provides source in APA style

Poorly written, incoherent sentences, poor spelling, unacceptable grammar and/or total lack of references, no citation (0)

Numerous writing errors but sufficient, appropriate and correct references or vice versa, citation present but may be incomplete (.1)

Very few errors in writing and referencing (.15)

Virtually no errors in writing and referencing. (.2)

Discussion Questions


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