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The assignment must be original. It is required to be turned into

The assignment must be original.  It is required to be turned into  I will review for revisions but, would hate to miss something.  Thank you! 

  1.  Address views on traditional dress and artifacts worn by men and women. The following are some examples of dress or custom and some of the background behind the dress or custom. Read through the examples so you get can get an idea of what you might write about.
    1. Banning of Headscarvesfrom Human Rights Watch.
    2. Romani Studies
    3. Clothing from India
    4. Rastafarianism
  2. Now choose an item of clothing from Russia for the paper.Address the following six points in a cohesive paper:
    1. Describe the item or behavior.
    2. If it is an item, who generally wears the item?
    3. What is the symbolism of the item or behavior? (i.e., Does it represent an affiliation with a particular religious code. If so, which one?)
    4. What is the reason for the behavior or wearing the item (i.e., modesty, religious significance, etc.)?
    5. What is the history of the item or behavior (i.e., is the item derived from a particular religious story or edict)?
    6. Consider the following statement and respond.
      In order for an individual to be properly assimilated into a new culture, she should reject the traditions and culture of her previous country and concentrate on those of the new country. Wearing items that identify an individual with a culture outside his or her adoptive country slows down the assimilation process, or worse, alienates the individual from his or her adoptive society.
  3. Referring to the research you have completed on your chosen item of clothing for this assignment, write a 2-3 page paper answering the six points in item two. The paper should conform to APA formatting and citation guidelines. Your response should also explain how you agree or disagree with the statement in italics and why. 
  4. The paper will need to be turned into Turnitin.com48 hours before the due date August 30th, Thanks for your help! 

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Kosovorotka ? Russian Traditional Dress


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1. Describe the item or behavior.


Kosovorotka is a long straight...


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