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[solution] » Emily is a 32 year old woman with amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea,

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Emily is a 32 year old woman with amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea,

Emily is a 32 year old woman with amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, increase lutenizing hormone and hirsutism. List the differential diagnosis

Emily, a relatively healthy 5?5?, 32-year-old young woman weighing 190 pounds, presents to


your clinic with hirsutism, anovulation, oligomenorrhea, and at times amenorrhea. Biochemical


blood tests reveal elevated luteinizing hormone (LH, without a mid-cycle surge) and androgen




She mentions that she also has a family history of irregular cycles, and that her grandmother


experienced early menopause. She also states that she is sexually active, occasionally smokes


(1 pack/month), and desires to be prescribed one medication to mitigate her symptoms, as well


as, prevent her from becoming pregnant.




Please provide a list of differential diagnoses, as well as an indication of your primary







Once this has been completed, please indicate and describe your chosen


pharmacological treatment with inclusion of dose and mechanism of action of your


chosen prescription.




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