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[solution] » I'm working in java, I need to print out the gross pay, withheld

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I'm working in java, I need to print out the gross pay, withheld

I'm working in java, I need to print out the gross pay, withheld amount, and the net pay for the user with appropriate text telling the user what each number is. This is what I have so far.



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package payroll;






* @author ogdj1_000




import java.util.Scanner;


import java.text.NumberFormat;


public class Payroll {




* @param args the command line arguments




public static void main(String args) {


Scanner input = new Scanner(;


NumberFormat overtimeFormatter = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance();


NumberFormat grosspayFormatter = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance();


NumberFormat withheldFormatter = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance();


double hours, payrate =, grosspay, overtime, withheld =0.15, netpay;


System.out.printf("Please enter the number of hours worked ");


hours = input.nextDouble();




System.out.printf("Please enter the hourly payrate ");


overtime = (1.5 * (hours-40) * payrate);


grosspay = payrate * hours;


withheld = withheld * grosspay;


System.out.printf("Withheld amount is "+




withheld = input.nextDouble();




if (hours <= 40)




System.out.printf("Gross pay for the week is " +






else if(hours > 41) {


System.out.printf("Gross pay plus overtime for the week is " +












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