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Here it is... I need the peer responses asap... Do more than a

Here it is... I need the peer responses asap... Do more than a few sentences in order to fully answer the questions and have substantial and juicy posts please... 10 upon completion as it is a rush thing 

Discussion Activity 6: Toulmin Method


As discussed at the beginning of the term, visuals also can be arguments. Recalling the image


from our first lecture of the term (See Week 1), let's consider how visuals can be analyzed


utilizing the Toulmin Method. As previously stated, the image below is a late nineteenth century


political cartoon by Walter Crane. While the image might not reflect contemporary attitudes in


the United States, it does convey to its audience, both then and now, important political concerns


in Victorian England. Keep in mind as you work through this course that each text, whether it is


a news article, academic essay, cartoon, song, etc., is a "cultural text" and reflects the concerns,


attitudes, and opinions of the moment.



Let us first consider the claim, the overall thesis Crane is arguing. Then let us consider the


support, evidence gathered to support the claim, and the warrant, the explanation of why or


how the claim is supported (the underlying assumption that connects the support to the


claim). Since two people often see different arguments in the same text, you might believe the


above visual is arguing something different; however, for the sake of providing a common


example, consider the following claim, support, and warrant.




Claim: Socialism protects the interests and wellbeing of laborers.





Support: Capitalism (and the religious hypocrisy and party politics that accompany it)


harm laborers.





Warrant: Because Socialism protects the interests and wellbeing of laborers, it is a more


humane economic and political system than Capitalism.



Now, choose your own political cartoon to analyze using the Toulmin Method. You might


already have a particular political cartoon in mind for your analysis; however, if you don't, try a


quick Google image search with the key words "political cartoon." This kind of search


will return hundreds of images. Also, visit Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index. This


site maintains a collection of political cartoons that are listed by topic and updated daily.


In your discussion post, remember to site the author of the cartoon, provide a link to the cartoon,


and state the visual's claim, support, and warrant. Finally, in order to receive full credit, don't


forget to respond to at least two peer postings to receive full credit.





Discussion Activity 7: Rhetorical Appeals


Recalling the lecture and readings for this week, identify how Michelle Obama utilizes each of


the rhetorical appeals ethos, pathos, and logos in her speech for the Democratic National


Convention in 2008. In addition to watching the video below and listing how ethos, pathos, and


logos are utilized in the speech, make sure to comment on at least two peer postings in order to


receive full credit.


If you are unable to view the video, try changing browsers. Direct






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