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[solution] » Sir, I am so sorry that the system cancel the question u are

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Sir, I am so sorry that the system cancel the question u are

  • Sir, I am so sorry that the system cancel the question u are still working on , I send u it again.
  • Here is a big deal~ I need a tutor who clearly knows Number Theory and Cryptography and the way to use MAGMA, it's clearly a crazy question, but Those who can answer this qustion exactly and nicely, can get the top money award.$50 with the great tip.(u can have a price suggestion if u want)
  • Here is the information for the question:
  • Instruction

This is to be done using MAGMA; completing Question ,you will need to download the file "asst1ciphertexts.txt "(If u are the user of MAGMA, u know how it's work); you need to submit is the ?log file? ,to name this correctly, make your first command SetLogFile("asst1-[450551190].txt");

 main event(as same as the information in file "Question.pdf")

In this question you will do a simple ?experimental test? of the Euler?Fermat Theorem using number 450551190 as the modulus. Use MAGMA commands from Computer Tutorial 1 (all the information u might need is in the file I upload ?Tutorial 1?) to select random nine-digit numbers until you find one that is coprime to ?450551190?, and call this number num.

Now ask MAGMA to compute the order of num modulo 450551190 and the Euler phifunction of 450551190, using the commands Modorder(num,450551190); and EulerPhi(450551190);

Finally, use MAGMA to verify that the first of these numbers divides the second.

All in all, if u accept this crazy deal, try your best to get the job down. If u can not solve it, please just not give me the compelety wrong answer back. Thanks a lot, for the honor of mathematics. Somebody kicked my a.. before , sent me the wrong answer(0/10).



























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