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[solution] » Caption: TNH Industry is going through their annual labor

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Caption: TNH Industry is going through their annual labor

Caption: TNH Industry is going through their annual labor negotiation with their unionized employees. Manny and Abdul are doing their due diligence and would like to know how a strike at TNH Industry would negatively affect the number of tires produced per day if the workforce is not at full capacity.

Manny: Let?s think through the worst-case scenario: there?s a disaster and we don?t have our normal workforce. What do we do?

Abdul: Before or after I have an injury?

Manny: Ha! Let?s say you have a injury on Friday and recuperate over the weekend. You come into work on Monday and we?ve shifted to our contingency plan.

Abdul: Okay, right. We would have management and other non-unionized employees in place to operate the machinery.


Caption: Use the data below and apply the principles of normal distribution using the z formula in order to determine the probability of units produced per day at TNH Industry.


The average number of cans of creamed peas produced each day at the processing plant is 20,000 with a standard deviation of 2,300. Assuming a normal distribution, answer the following questions:

1. What is the probability of producing more than 26,000 cans per day?

2. What is the probability of producing between 18,000 and 23,000 cans per day?


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