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I have to complete the following three sections in a marketing plan for Chick-Fil-A Restaurant...
More:I have to complete the following three sections in a marketing plan for Chick-Fil-A Restaurant Company: -Marketing Strategy -Message -Marketing Mix I have attached a word document outlining the section sub topics and what is expected in each sub topic. Document Preview: 1.0 Marketing Strategies 1.01 Critical Issues Now we will bring the four areas of the SWOT analysis (included in the SWOT table in the previous chapter) together to formulate critical issues affecting the marketing plan. The objective is to leverage the Strengths of the organization, offset or improve the stated Weaknesses, take advantage of the available Opportunities, and minimize the risk of potential Threats. Your marketing plan should address the critical issues to place you in an optimal position to succeed -- optimizing revenues with the allocated marketing resources. Additional Detail As you look at using your strengths and consider your weaknesses, it may be helpful for you to consider placing your business or organization in one of four categories. Is it ideal, speculative, mature or troubled? Ideal: High in major opportunities and low in major threats; has great promise for success. Speculative: High in major opportunities and high in major threats; describes a risk situation with potentially large returns. Mature: Low in major opportunities and low in threats; indicates limited growth potential with relatively low risk. Troubled: Low in opportunities and high in threats; raises serious questions about the potential and requires immediate reconsideration. This discussion may also include an assessment of your ability to compete in the market, the fit of the products or services you offer based on the needs of the market, your price and promotion policies, or investment in the research and development activities to enhance your products. 1.02 Value Proposition Value-based marketing does not have to be in your marketing plan. It is included because some people find that the framework helps them develop strategy. In relative terms, the value proposition can be stated as: benefit offered less price charged. The definition encourages you to think in broad conceptual terms, with emphasis on the real benefit offered, rather than the specific...


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