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[solution] » Case What should Unilever’s Integrated Marketing Communication Goals and Media Strategy be

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Case What should Unilever’s Integrated Marketing Communication Goals and Media Strategy be
More:Case What should Unilever’s Integrated Marketing Communication Goals and Media Strategy be for 2016 – 2020 Also create a marketing plan outline for their media strategy. Instructions:Format: Double spaced word document Outline can be single spaced. Table of Contents Headings (see sections) Page Numbers Sections: Executive Summary Background: Use Book and Company website Situation: Media 2015 document company website Discussion of Alternatives Media Composition Selection Marketing Plan Outline for Implementation. Issues moving forward Conclusion Document Preview: A Report From 2MEDIA 2015: The Future of MediaThe past decade has been one of unmatched media change. Big-name media companies have come under consolidated ownership only to have their distribution and content rivaled by upstarts and user-generated content. Consumers have come to rely on multiple sources and are more active participants in their media consumption than ever before. The number of people online has ballooned and the advent of web-enabled mobile devices has brought portability to the Internet. The increasingly fragmented nature of the industry has made it more difficult to target consumers en masse. And the proliferation of digital communications and social applications has accelerated the online advertising and marketing sector—not without questions, however, about privacy and consumers’ relationships with media.Operating within this uncertain environment, Unilever, ESPN and Mindshare forged a unique three-way partnership to understand today’s media industry and unearth its likely evolution and consequent implications in the next half of the decade. The partners set out to define Media 2015 and answer the How and where will consumers engage with, consume and experience media in 2015 and how will marketers and the communications industry need to evolve in order to succeed? Each of the companies approached the question from a different vantage point, aiming, in the end, to, create a collective definition of the future of media. To faciliate the effort, the partners engaged trend consultancy The Futures Company. The group worked through the practiced and proven prediction process of Scenario Planning, a strategic planning approach based on the assumption that though the future may be unpredictable, it is not usually random or chaotic.The findings gave Unilever, ESPN and Mindshare a set of usable insights into the future of media, with implications for their own strategic planning. This short report details the Scenario Planning process, the...


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