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[solution] » Computer Organization and Structure Homework #3 Due: 2007/12/4 Please write the following three pr

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Computer Organization and Structure Homework #3 Due: 2007/12/4 Please write the following three pr
More:Computer Organization and Structure Homework #3 Due: 2007/12/4 Please write the following three programs in MIPS assembly language. 1. Combination: Your task is to implement the combination function to compute combination of X and Y, and X, Y should be given by user. For example, given X = 4, Y = 2, then compute 42XYCC= and get the answer 6. On the other hand, given X = 2, Y = 4, you should compute 42YXCC=. If X or Y is a negative integer, please show an error message. Basically you don’t have to deal with BIG NUMBER problem, but if you solve it, write the feature in the document and you will get bonus credits. Your output should look like this. ----Combination Function---Please type 2 integers, and each with the Enter keys. 4 2 6 is the combination results. 2. Matrix Transpose: Write a SPIM program that will compute the transpose of the matrix stored in row major order starting at the location labeled Original in the starter template below. The transposed matrix should be stored starting at the location labeled Second. The arrays we use will be 4x4 elements. Here is the program template to help you get started (The program template is included in the file .data strA: .asciiz "Original Matrix:


" strB: .asciiz "Transpose Matrix:


" newline: .asciiz "


" space : .asciiz " " # This is the start of the original array. Original: .word 200, 270, 250, 100 .word 205, 230, 105, 235 .word 190, 95, 90, 205 .word 80, 205, Document Preview: 110, 215 # The next statement allocates room for the other array. # The array takes up 4*16=64 bytes. # Second: .space 64 .globl main .text main: # Your fully commented program starts here. Your output should look like this. Original Matrix: 200 270 250 100 205 230 105 235 190 95 90 205 80 205 110 215 Transpose Matrix: 200 205 190 80 270 230 95 205 250 105 90 110 100 235 205 215 Tower of Hanoi problem Your task is to complete a recursive implementation of the Tower of Hanoi problem in order to get familiar with assembly programming. You will need to implement the mvdsk function in Refer to the algorithm from Your output should look like this. Submission & Grading DescriptionFor Each Problem Program compiles without errors 10% Program executes correctly 60% Documentation and description of the program10% Presentation 10% Implement Detail 10%


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