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Eassy Questions
More:Individuals in organizations make decisions; they make choices from among two or more alternatives. Top managers determine their organization’s goals, what products or services to offer, how best to finance operations, or where to locate a new manufacturing plant. Middle- and lower-level managers determine production schedules, select new employees, and decide how pay raises are to be allocated. Non-managerial employees also make decisions including whether or not to come to work on any given day, how much effort to put forward once at work, and whether or not to comply with a request made by the boss. A number of organizations in recent years have been empowering their non-managerial employees with job-related decision-making authority that historically was reserved for managers. Graduate OB Mid Term Exam Dear Class, There are four essay questions below. Please prepare a short business essay on each Your work needs to be original prose (no cut and paste) and thoughtful examples (if appropriate) provided. Each essay is valued at 50 points for a total of 200 points. Your essay is graded as follows: 1. Revealing content that supports your answer (argument): 60% weight 2. Good business composition: (expression) 20% weight 3. Examples rendered and or required citations: (amplification) 20% weight Please utilize 1 ½ or double spacing, 11 or 12 point size, Times New Roman or Ariel font, and include a plain cover page with your name and date. The mid-term must be submitted to the doc share folder titled “Mid Term Exam” no later than August07, 2015. If the test is not uploaded to this by this date, a score of zero points will be assigned. July / Aug 2015 1. Identify and briefly explain the five dimensions of national culture as outlined by Hofstede. Why is it important to understand within the framework of organizational behavior? 2. There are certain "in" and "out" concepts for organizations. List three "in" organizational concepts and three "out" organizational concepts and briefly explain each using business examples. 3. Traditional management and organizational behavior is broken down into planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Today, other criteria are coming to the forefront of organizations. Describe these concepts and render one business example of each. 4. Identify and explain the key dimensions for Myers Briggs (MB). What are productive uses for MB? Given that a full MB session might take an entire workday – are there any viable substitutes – explain.


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