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Unit 6.1: What Do You See in This Picture rely 4
More:80 wordsand include in-text citation(s) and a reference for each scholarly source. Document Preview: Unit 6.1: What Do You See in This Picture rely 4 Write an initial substantive response of 80 words in length. Begin your response with a restatement of the question/prompt, and include in-text citation(s) and a reference for each scholarly source used according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide located in the Student Success Center. The restatement of the question/prompt, the references, and the citations are not included in your response word count. A. Please read this document: What Do You See in This Picture? Now, in your posting, share with the class the story you created for the TAT card that you saw. Then share with your professor and classmates your responses to the Rorschach card. After thinking about your responses to these two samples of the TAT and of the Rorschach, as well as what you have learned about projective tests from your textbook, do you think that measures, such as the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) and the Rorschach, are accurate in assessing personality? Be sure to share details about your ideas. B. So far in the course, we have learned about several aspects of personality through the study of biology, evolutionary concepts, and learning theory. But what still remains to be explored is the concept of trait theory and how it influences personality development. After reading more about trait theory and appropriate concepts, please complete The Big Five Inventory by clicking here. Please answer the following questions below: Do you think that the results of the personality test were accurate in reflecting your personality? Please explain with examples from the concepts of the Big Five Theory. Do you think that tests such as this, that demonstrate the Big Five Factors, are a good way to examine personality differences? Please share details on your thoughts. Amanda Cocchiola What Do You See in This Picture COLLAPSE These two people are a couple. They have been together a while and it has been rocky recently. During...


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