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[solution] » NO NO NO PLAGRISM 5 or more reference are must-peered one Speaker notes should be there 200-350...

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NO NO NO PLAGRISM 5 or more reference are must-peered one Speaker notes should be there 200-350...
More:NO NO NO PLAGRISM 5 or more reference are must-peered one Speaker notes should be there 200-350 word he will check that. i need best tutor to do this cann i have this in 24 hr. Document Preview: Nu 100 word QUESTION 51 How can business leaders use Motivation to improve ethical job performance? How does the hierarchy of needs play into a leader’s ability to improve ethical job performance? 100 word QUESTION 52 Explain the benefits and risks of ethics auditing? 50 word minimum 100 word QUESTION 53 What is whistle blowing and what are the concerns about this practice? 100 word QUESTION 54 What is dumping and why is it considered anti competitive? Does the United States allow dumping? 100 word QUESTION 55 How can differences in two countries’ culture create ethical issue in business? Response-70 word Overall as a nation it is my belief that we are very giving. The list of nonprofit organizations that help different groups of people with different ailments or learning disabilities, health issues, mental issues,  the list could go on. Some of the more common ones such as the Red Cross have built a reputation on assisting in large disaster recovery efforts in providing a safe haven with food and bacis needs  for those affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires. By this organization being so responsive to these sensitive demands of affected individuals from these disasters, people open their hearts and their wallets to give generously for these causes, but what happens to the surplus of funds once the disaster relief efforts have concluded? Putting myself in the position of the CEO of American Red Cross I would have a crossroads to face because individuals have graciously given their hard-earned money to support these efforts specifically and due to their generosity we have surpassed the demand of needed resources. At this juncture I believe the ethical thing to do would be to bank those resources for the next disaster not frivolously apply them to administration costs or salaries for paid individuals within the organization. I read a study not too long ago that disclosed the salaries of the CEOs for nonprofit...


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