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Strategic Management
More:Answer in question and answer format for all questions DQ7What are some of the important mechanisms for promoting ethics in a firm? Give an example of how strategy can lend itself to shaping ethics in the firm? How can corporate culture either help or hinder cultivating a good ethical environment in the firm? Give specific examples. Be sure to use in-text citations and a reference list applying concepts. CHA 11 1. Identify two CEOs whose leadership you admire. What is it about their skills, attributes, and effective use of power that causes you to admire them? 2. Founders have an important role in developing their organization's culture and values. At times, their influence persists for many years. Identify and describe two organizations in which the cultures and values established by the founder(s) continue to flourish. You may find research on the Internet helpful in answering these questions. 3. Some leaders place a great emphasis on developing superior human capital. In what ways does this help a firm to develop and sustain competitive advantages? 4. we discussed the five elements of a "learning organization." Select a firm with which you are familiar and discuss whether or not it epitomizes some (or all) of these elements. CHA 12 1. Select a firm known for its corporate entrepreneurship activities. Research the company and discuss how it has positioned itself relative to its close competitors. Does it have a unique strategic advantage? Disadvantage? Explain. 2. Explain the difference between product innovations and process innovations. Provide examples of firms that have recently introduced each type of innovation. What are the types of innovations related to the strategies of each firm? 3. Using the Internet, select a company that is listed on the NASDAQ or New York Stock Exchange. Research the extent to which the company has an entrepreneurial culture. Does the company use product champions? Does it have a corporate venture capital fund? Do you believe its entrepreneurial efforts are sufficient to generate sustainable advantages? 4. How can an established firm use an entrepreneurial orientation to enhance its overall strategic position? Provide examples. Prepare in a Word document using APA guidelines for margins and page numbers in header and spacing. Re-write in bold font the questions asked. Follow that with a well developed narrative answering the questions substantively while also providing rationale. In-text references from your assigned reading to support your analysis is expected. Include a reference page.


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