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organiation law
More:1500 words Document Preview: Federation Business School Assignment BULAW 2611 Semester 2 2015 Due date and arrangements for submission: See details in Course Description Length and requirements: 1500 words (as a guide). For other requirements, see details in Course Description This assignment has two questions. You should attempt both. The mark allocation (out of a maximum total of 30) is indicated at the bottom of each question. Business can be conducted via a range of forms, including sole traderships, trusts, partnerships and companies (or corporations). All of these have different implications when it comes to management and governance, both in terms of who is responsible and also to whom such governors/managers are accountable. Required: For any two of these organisational forms, discuss those implications. (10 marks) Sona and Sam Kass run a successful boat hire company, Free Spirit Pty. Ltd. They are the only shareholders and executivInternational Management"


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