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I am looking for help on a report regarding business strategy in a global market
More:I am looking for help on a report regarding business strategy in a global market The assignment isGlobal Strategic Project:Country analysis (30%)You are an international business consultant. The CEO of Pyramids International, a MNC, operating in a given industry (you choose the industry) wants to expand operations into two countries (you choose the two countries from the list below).The CEO is asking you for advice on the following issues:What do they need to know about the environment for doing business in those two countries?1. What short- and long-term risks and opportunities do the two countries present to their specific industry?2. What advantages do the two countries have that make them candidates for trade and investment for that specific industry?3. Of the two countries, which one do you, the consultants, recommend to enter, and which entry mode should the CEO use? Your assignment:- Prepare an analysis of the TWO countries to help the CEO (your customer) decide whether the two countries have acceptable business, economic, political, financial/fiscal, legal, social, cultural and ethical environments for the specific industry. - Your analysis should focus on the major risks and opportunities the two environments present as indicated by your research and supported by conceptual frameworks covered in the textbook and other course materials. The analysis should be based on a thorough search of databases, journals and other sources (see below “Process” for recommended databases).- The report should demonstrate your ability to collect and summarize necessary country data and present your major points in a clearly written report.- Your report should recommend ONE of the two countries to the CEO (your customer). In selecting a country, you will need to use a screening/selection methodand explain why you chose that method. In addition, you have to recommend market entry mode, and explain your rational for that choice (see directions below).- Make sure that you incorporate the information gained from your course readings, and the assigned textbook de Kluyver and Pearce II (2012), as well as scholarly and non-scholarly references gained from extensive graduate-level research.Format: - A challenge of this assignment is to synthesize the key elements of your analysis and present them clearly.- The report is to be 13 - 15 pages in length, net. The cover page, table of contents, appendixes, references are not included in the page count. Use one inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and use APA format for references. Post as Word or rtf. Paper should be submitted to Turnitinbefore uploading it to your assignment folder.- Include an Executive Summaryof key issues and conclusions, one page long (part of the page count).- Introduction:Include a half-page introduction that states the major issues you will discuss in your report.- Conclusion and Recommendation:Include this sentence: “I recommend Pyramids International enter the market in Y country.” Explain the reasons for your recommendation.Analysis:You are assessing a specific industry’s market potential in two countries. To identify and recommend one country e.g. the best location for the specific industry’s products and services, you are considering the following variables for two countries:Size and growth rate“Market intensity” (customers’ buying power)Consumption capacity (size, growth rate of the middle class)Degree of economic freedomCountry risk: Regulatory, financial, political, cultural barriers, and the legal environment for intellectual property protectionCost of doing business: Availability of commercial infrastructure, tax rates, wages, high-level skills and capital marketsGovernment incentives e.g. tax holidays, subsidized training, grants, and low interest loans. To assess the industry’s market potential in the two countries, consider:Size and growth rate of the market and relevant trends in the specific industryTariff and non-tariff trade barriers to market entryRelevant standards and regulations that affect the industryIndustry-specific market potential indicatorsIndustry-specific market entry barriers.Points to keep in mind as you research the two countries:1. The political and legal environment:What types of political and legal risks are present in the two countries? What local or national regulations or laws will affect products and services? What legal issues does the industry face in the two countries (e.g. patents, trademark, and copyright)? How might the existing political environment affect the production or sale of goods or services? How did corruption and governance change, what governance indicators changed the most?2. The Economic environment:Assess the current economic performance and the competitiveness of the two countries: How have they changed in the last 5 years or may change in the next 5 years. Compare the economic data you find for both countries such as: the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), the Personal Disposable Income (PDI), exports/imports in US dollars, income distribution, inflation, unemployment, productivity, debt, balance of payments, FDI inflow/outflow, growth rates for 2010 and projections for 2014. How is the financial situation in the two countries and how are their fiscal policies affecting their business environments? How would you trade off the degree of country risk versus the business environment ratings taking into consideration the market size and market growth as expressed by the PDI in 2014 vs. 2010?3. The social, cultural environment:What preferences, values, norms, attitudes and beliefs might impact the countries’ business practices, the production or sale of goods or services? 4. The ethical environment:Any risks related to bribery/corruption, labor practices, working conditions, freedom of association, and environmental practices in the two countries? 5. The market entry mode: What is the best market entry mode in the case of the industry/country combination that you have chosen, and why? What are the advantages/disadvantages of your chosen entry mode? Incorporate the information gained from the de Kluyver and Pearce II (2012) reading, especially pages 148 – 157.Recommend one country to your customer:Apply a screening methodWhich one of the two countries will be more suitable for investment, and why? Base your decision on the following variables when screening the two countries:1. Country allows 100% ownership 2. Allows licensing to majority-owned subsidiary 3. Tax rate 4. Market size, present 5. Market size, 3-10 years 6. Market share, 0-2 years 7. Market share, 3-10 years 8. Profits repartriation 9. Exchange rate issues 10. Political risk/Business laws Source:Daniels, J., Radebaugh, L., & Sullivan, D. (2013). International business: Environments & operations (14th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson


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