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Organizational Culture Assignment 1 Part A – Challenge Questions (10 marks) Answer any two of the...
More:Organizational Culture Assignment 1 Part A – Challenge Questions (10 marks) Answer any two of the following questions. Be sure to indicate clearly which question you have chosen to do. Your answer should use appropriate theories, concepts, and examples. Your answers for both questions should total no more than 600 words. For example, the answer to the first question you chose could have 350 words, and the answer for the second question could be 250 words for a total of 600 words for both questions. Discuss the merits of the following statement: The assumption that an organization’s culture can be deliberately manipulated or managed in a traditional sense is commonplace in business literature. However, given the nature of culture, that assumption is quite misleading. To some degree, all cultures of work organizations act to constrain or control their members. As such, cultures can be viewed as elaborate systems that control thoughts and behaviors. Do you agree? Why, or why not? One view of culture holds that it is essentially hidden, while another view is that it can be uncovered. Compare and contrast both views. To which of the two views do you subscribe, and why? In what ways has the myth of scientific management espoused by Taylor (sometimes referred to as “Taylorism”) damaged labor-management relations? Part B – Cirtical review (15 marks) Review onearticle from among the links listed below. Indicate clearly which article you have chosen, and critically review it. Your critical review should briefly summarize what the article is about (1 to 2 paragraphs). .discuss how it relates to Organizational Culturediscuss whether or not you agree with some or all of the conclusions, findings, and opinions of the author. If you agree, why? If not, why not? Note: Use relevant examples, concepts, and theories to support your position, and be sure to cite your sources. Your critical review should be no more than 900 words.


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