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ORGB 300 Assignment 2 Part A – Challenge Question (5 marks) Answer ONE of the following question....
More:ORGB 300 Assignment 2 Part A – Challenge Question (5 marks) Answer ONEof the following question. Be sure to indicate clearly which question you have chosen to do. Your answer should use the appropriate theories, concepts, or examples drawn from the lessons. Your answer should be one page (typed), and no more than 300 words. Can a person’s membership in an occupational culture reduce his or her commitment to the organization he or she works for? Why do you think the cultures of unions have been ignored in organizational culture literature? In our corporatist-dominated North American society, many forget that unions are also organizations, albeit very different than work organizations. Much like other organizations, they too are susceptible to the effects of the iron law of oligarchy(Michels, 1962). Discuss how this “law” can, over time, subvert the ideology of socialism and democracy upon which union cultures are founded. Part B – Work Organization Cultural Analysis (5 marks) Choose any work organization you are familiar with and analyze any component of its culture. This analysis could include how the organization socializes its employees; its myths, stories, symbols; or any aspect of culture which has been covered in the course. Your analysis should provide a brief summary of the organization in about 1 to 2 paragraphs.identify which aspect of culture you wish to discuss in the context of this organization.provide details about why this aspect of culture is relevant or important, and discuss how it relates to some of the material you have learned in the course.not exceed two pages (typed), and no more than 600 words.NOT identify the organization or any individuals by name. Where necessary, use pseudonyms (e.g., if your analysis is for Starbuck’s, you might refer to it as ABC Corporation). Part C - Digital Reading Room Exercise (15 marks) Review one article from among those listed below. Indicate clearly which article you have chosen, then critically review it. Your critical review should briefly summarize what the article is about (1 to 2 paragraphs).discuss how the article relates to organizational culturediscuss whether or not you agree with some or all of the conclusions, findings, and opinions of the author. If you agree, why? If not, why not? Note: Use relevant examples, concepts, and theories from the lessons to support your position, and be sure to cite your sources. Your critical review should be no more than 900 words


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