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Please direct a response to each discussion a. This post must include a question b. This post must..
More:Please direct a response to each discussion a. This post must include a question b. This post must be no less than 200 words ***please don’t now answer the question you included…the question is for the person to respond to ***this is the feedback i got from the previous work you have done for me...please make changes**** Your reply to a student response was also very good - it exceeded my expectations and was a thoughtful reply. The points you lost were entirely due to your response posts to other students' initial posts. Those posts were almost entirely copied and pasted - on the whole they did not address the individual students' initial posts at all. For these assignments it is just as important that you read the other students' posts - think deeply about them - and engage in it is to put forward a strong initial post. please use feedback i said above Document Preview: The Federal Reserve was designed to be intricately connected to the United States economy since its’ creation in 1913. Politically, the Federal Reserve has always been a concept of debate. Many Americans fear strong centralized power, and encourage individual state’s rights; whereas others promote the pooling and use of centralized resources to achieve greater ends (everything always looks better on paper). After the bank runs that were becoming more and more frequent in the first decade of the twentieth century, the debate raged but ultimately the government decided to create a central stabilizing agent for the economy that would not be swayed by politics alone (Mishkin p 303). In accordance with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (1), the Federal Reserve would be created with multiple departments to maximize the number of internal checks and balances while maintaining efficiency separated by the political realm. These departments were the 12 Federal Reserve Banks, Federal Open Market Committee, and the Board of Governors. (Mishkin 304). There are twelve Federal Reserve Banks spread across each of the twelve Federal Reserve Districts that were created by the Act. The division of districts and banks allowed for more practical interactions with the banks in an age without fast transportation or the advent of wide-spread electricity. The Board of Governors is located in Washington D.C. and is responsible for overseeing financial institutions (2). The Federal Open Market Committee is responsible for overseeing the general state of the economy and can make determinations as to whether a company is abusing the open market and later was tasked with the determination of Monopolistic actions in the economy. There is little doubt as to whether or not the Federal Reserve was a positive influence upon its implementation; however it is unclear if it was a solution to economic hardships or merely a ‘band-aid’ of sorts. The primary goal of the Federal Reserve was to moderate the...


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