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Please identify your dream job (or any job) and describe how the Big Five dimensions relate to the..
More:Please identify your dream job (or any job) and describe how the Big Five dimensions relate to the job. What can you improve so you can do well on the job or any task of the job? Additional Requirements Min Pages: 1 Other Requirements: USEFUL NOTES AND POSSIBLE ANSWER FRAMEWORK Personality is the relatively stable set of behaviors, attitudes, and emotion displays overtime that makes people different from each other. Personality research conducted in different cultures, different settings, and different languages has shown that five dimensions of personality account for most of the differences in peoples’ behaviors, attitudes, and emotions. The Big Five personality dimensions are extraversion, emotional stability, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience. Extraversion is the degree to which someone is active, assertive, gregarious, sociable, talkative, and energized by others. In contrast to extraverts, introverts are less active, prefer to be alone, and are shy, quiet, and reserved. For the best results in the workplace, introverts and extraverts should be correctly matched to their jobs. Emotional stability is the degree to which someone is not angry, depressed, anxious, emotional, insecure, or excitable. People who are emotionally stable respond well to stress. In other words, they can maintain a calm, problem- solving attitude in even the toughest situations (e.g., conflict, hostility, dangerous conditions, or extreme time pressures). By contrast, emotionally unstable people find it difficult to handle the most basic demands of their jobs under only moderately stressful situations and become distraught, tearful, self-doubting, and anxious. Emotional stability is particularly important for high-stress jobs such as police work, firefighting, emergency medical treatment, piloting planes, or commanding rockets. Agreeableness is the degree to which someone is cooperative, polite, flexible, forgiving, good natured, tolerant and trusting. Basically, agreeable people are easy to work with and be around, whereas disagreeable people are distrusting and difficult to work with and be around. Conscientiousness is the degree to which someone is organized, hardworking, responsible, persevering, thorough, and achievement oriented. Openness to experience is the degree to which someone is curious, broadband, and open to new ideas, things, and experiences; and is spontaneous; and has a high tolerance for ambiguity. The cumulative results of multiple studies indicate that conscientiousness is related to job performance across five different occupational groups (professionals, police, managers, salespeople and skilled and semi-skilled workers).


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