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Organization Behavior and Operations Mgt
More:PLease follow the instructions Document Preview: FINAL EXAM - Individual MGT 501- Organizations and Operations The exam consists of 10 questions and each question counts 10 points. Students should use the concepts of organizations behavior and operations management as indicated and suggested in each question. Use theories and concepts from your textbook. In addition, use examples from textbook or organizations. Maximum word limit is 500 words for each question. Minimum is 300. Times New Roman, font 12, single space. Paraphrase the information (put it in your own words. Of course, the names of specific concepts and theories may not be changed. Keep in mind the academic policy regarding plagiarism.   Organization Behavior Q.1. Discuss the effects of diversity within a group (team) on its performance and provide an example. Q.2. Discuss theories that indicate why and how people seek consistency among their attitudes and their behavior by reducing cognitive dissonance. Then, provide an example and sort your example into the three main components of attitudes. Q.3. Andrew is a software tester. He runs through the same types of programs day after day looking for bugs and reporting them. He is taking night classes on programming. Often, he knows the best solution to many of the bugs, but he is still learning to code. Describe two job characteristics that Andrew is striving to improve, and explain two ways that Andrew's manager can redesign his current job to help him reach his goals. Q.4 Nora Elm is a newly appointed HR manager at Seven Oaks, a famous PR firm that is not doing too well at present. As she assumed the post of the HR manager, everyone impressed upon her the need to energize the employees and motivate them to give their best to the job. After she met with the employees and managers, she felt that many employees were demotivated because they had attained their maximum potential in the current job roles. Additionally, she felt that though the management believed strongly in its...


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