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Team Development
More:Shared Activity: Team Development In 1965, Bruce Tuckman proposed four stages of group development. After his research collaboration with Mary Ann Jensen, Tuckman and Jensen added a fifth stage. According to Tuckman and Jensen (2010), group leaders should be aware of the following stages in order to understand the common changes within the lifecycle of groups. § Forming Stage – Members get to know each other, learn the tasks of the team and define group rules. § Storming Stage – Members deal with tensions as they try to define the group tasks. § Norming Stage – Members begin to work together as they strive to maintain a positive balance. § Performing Stage – Members’ relationships mature and they are now able to manage disagreements and complex tasks successfully. At this stage, the group is referred to as a well-functioning team. § Adjourning Stage – Members complete the project and celebrate the accomplishment. (Tuckman and Jensen, 2010) What skills would a manager need to be able lead a team from the forming stage, where team members are just getting to know each other, to the performing stage, where the team members operate as a well-functioning organised team? Within each stage, teams and their leaders will face different challenges and levels of effectiveness. Consider the characA project manager that uses milestones as a project control device is using a(n): Question 18..."


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