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Marketing Research
More:It's for a Marketing Research Project on males visiting a spa.For this assignment, address the first four steps of the Information Research Process in the chart below for your service. Use the attached literature review to help complete the steps. When explaining the market research project in writing, remember in the business world, the owners, stakeholders, board of directors, corporate offices and operational vice presidents will be asking "Why, Why and Why" have you included the specific elements and activities within your market research plan.Write a 2-3 page paper addressing steps 1-4. Times New Roman, double spaced, 12 point font. Phases and Steps in the Information Research Process: Phase IStep 1: Identify and clarify information needs Step 2: Define the research problem and questions Step 3: Specify research objectives and confirm the information value Phase IIStep 4: Determine the research design and data sources Step 5: Develop the sampling design and sample size Step 6: Examine measurement issues and scales Step 7: Design and pretest the questionnaire Phase III Step 8: Collect and prepare data Step 9: Analyze the data Step 10: Interpret data to create knowledge Phase IVStep 11: Prepare and present the final report The chart shows all phases, but just steps 1-4 are needed. Thank you.


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