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BUA 345 – Operations Management Summer 2015 A good answer demonstrates understanding of the...
More:BUA 345 – Operations Management Summer 2015 A good answer demonstrates understanding of the chapters’ principles and techniques. Each question requires 1 or 2 paragraphs to do the job. Chapter 2.Why does flow rate and flow time link to inventory?Chapters 3 and 4The chapter focuses primarily on utilization. Explain what happens to utilization of resources as overall demand changes for a process, and the mix of demand changes. WHY is this important for a firm?!Chapter 6Why is operational efficiency so important to Net Income, Return on capital, and income?Chapter 5Explain work breakdown structure (I was not happy with mid-term explanations. See if each of you can do a better job.)Why do resource constraints affect project results?Chapter 7Explain the impact that batch size has on flowExplain why the EOQ formula worksChapter 8Explain why wait time occurs.Chapter 9Explain why not having buffers is a critical business issueChapter 12What is the difference between underage cost and overage cost? What is the tradeoff?Chapter 13The total impact of a “wrong” ordering decision is the “mismatch” cost. Why does having an opportunity to have a second order prove beneficial?Chapter 15What is the impact of lead time on order amounts and service levels? How does demand and variability play a role? Chapter 16What do booking limits accomplish, and what makes them work?Chapter 17Explain the concept of bullwhip and why it must be managed.


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