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According to your text, epistemology is a ‘general set of assumptions about the best ways of...
More:According to your text, epistemology is a ‘general set of assumptions about the best ways of inquiring into the nature of the world’ (Easterby-Smith, et al., 2012, p.17). Epistemology addresses questions such as:What is knowledge?How is knowledge acquired?How do we know what we know?Is it possible to have knowledge at all?In research, an epistemological stance will influence how you choose a research topic as well as the methodology and methods you use. Review the resources this week to explore the role of epistemology in research and answer to the following In what ways does the choice of an epistemological perspective or stance influence the formulation of a management research problem?Plagiarism free text, min 750 words with at least 3 references (Harvard style): please, use this text also as a reference: Easterby-Smith, M., Thorpe, R. & Jackson, P. (2012) Management research. 4th ed. London: SAGE Publications and other Journal articles and peer review articles. Document Preview: Research Methods Copyright -Laureate Online Education © All rights reserved, 2000–2012, The module, in all its parts: Syllabus, guidelines, Weekly Notes, Discussion Questions, technical notes, images and any additional material is copyrighted by Laureate Online Education B.V. Last update: 24 April 2012 1/5 Research Methods Week 1: What is research? Introduction The aim of your dissertation experience is to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to conduct research into business and management issues. But what does this really mean? Over the next 4 weeks, you will explore the idea of management research as the process through which you will set out to develop or extend knowledge on a particular problem or topic. The challenge, of course, is that there are many different ways in which this ‘knowledge’ is defined, gathered, interpreted, confirmed and understood within the research community. In other words, you must be concerned from the start about epistemology in management research. Epistemology refers to the philosophy of knowledge, addressing questions about how we know what we think we know, what we regard as evidence and how one goes about claiming that something is true. As a field that draws heavily upon the social sciences, management research can address diverse goals, involve a variety of stakeholders and be conducted using a wide range of approaches (Easterby-Smith, et al., 2008). Faced with these choices, the management researcher must be clear about what he or she is trying to accomplish and for whom. The focus this week is on considering the epistemological choices before you, as a management researcher, and clarifying your own epistemological perspective. This is an important first step in the research process. Crotty (1998) proposes a four-part model of the research process that defines the series of choices a researcher must make: 1. Epistemology 2. Theoretical perspective 3. Methodology 4. Method In Crotty’s model, both epistemology and...


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