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The town of Hadleyville, Arizona is reeling from a recent

The town of Hadleyville, Arizona is reeling from a recent shutdown of the Wilson Performance Automobiles Plant that employed more than 2,500 of the town's population of 40,000. In addition, the recent economic strife has lead to decreases in retail sales tax, more job losses, and public utilities that are insolvent and unable to keep up with demand despite fee hikes in 2 of the past 3 years. The town budget has been slashed twice now with overall reductions approaching 12% in the previous fiscal year. With revenues continuing to decrease and no end to the economic woes in sight, the town budgeting process begins this fall.














September 14, 2010



TO: Budget and Finance Teams


FROM: Jack Sprague, Town Manager


RE: Town Financial Crisis


As you all are aware, Hadleyville is in a deep financial crisis. As your Budget Briefing Books will show,


the town has experienced declining revenues ever since the Wilson Performance Automobile Plant shut


down 3 years ago. Beyond that, the national financial crisis has hit the town hard, and has seen even more


of the fragile industry disappear. Our residents have increasingly had a hard time finding work, and those


who have not outright left are anchored to mortgages they cannot afford and family obligations they


cannot meet.


I have divided the department into teams, and over the course of the next 8 weeks, each team is required


to develop a proposal outlining a 3- to 5-year plan for recovery. This will not be easy, and I suspect as


you delve into individual department budgets, you will encounter troubling decisions that must be made.


Ultimately, the political leadership of the town will have to make those decisions, but we cannot do so


without your help.


Each team will have access to information on revenues and current expenditures via the Budget Briefing


Books and will need to determine which two of the town?s most troubling departments need immediate


revisions in their operating budgets. We ask that you apply the knowledge you?ve gained about operating


budgets and your own personal experiences to analyze the best way to balance the need for critical town


services with the town?s budgeting needs.


Some key points: Be sure to analyze the town?s direct and entitlement obligations in the adopted budget;


examine at least two town departments and make recommendations for reduced spending; present an


overall proposal to the town council of your findings and recommendations for reducing the town budget


by at least 13% overall immediately; and look for ways to eliminate deficit spending in 3 years. You will


have a lot of options at your disposal. Be sure to weigh the positives and negatives of each.




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