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Covering the City State of Dubai Part 1 (20 points) Prepare a

Covering the City State of Dubai

Part 1 (20 points)

Prepare a geographic profile for the chosen country. You may use the suggested web sites, as well as, your text or any other sources to complete the assignment. Write paragraphs in complete sentences. Include all sources in a Works Cited section (for Internet, include web address, date taken from the Internet), follow a standard manual of style for proper citation. Imbed all maps and charts in the paper.

1.Using the CIA World Factbook ( discuss in paragraph form (write in complete sentences), the following points about your assigned country:

  • Geographic coordinates/capital of the country
  • Total Area/Area comparative to the US or a state of the US
  • Total population/population density (you must calculate population density)
  • Climate
  • Natural Hazards
  • Environmental issues
  • Include a map of your country from this site.

2.Using various sources, discuss in paragraph form (write in complete sentences) and provide maps for:

  • Topography of the country, include a topographic map
  • Describe the Climate and include a climate map
  • Describe the July and January Weather of the country, include maps of precipitation and temperature
  • Describe the  environmental problems, include maps of environmental problems and hazards. 
  • Describe the vegetation biomes. Include a map of the vegetation of the country.
  • Describe the Soils. Include map of the soils of the country.

3.  Capture and imbed a satellite image or an aerial view of a site in this location.

              You may use: or Google Earth.

Part 2 (4 points)

Works Cited

Include ALL sources in a Works Cited page (for Internet, include web address, date taken from the Internet). Follow an accepted manual of style for all citations.

Submit your County Geographic Profile paper as an attachemt in the dropbox. 

This assignment requires you to:

  • Analyze the Earth?s processes through the four spheres or systems.
  • Explain the atmospheric processes.
  • Assess the world?s climate regions and climate change.
  • Examine the tectonic processes that shape the Earth?s landforms.




The City State of Dubai


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The City State of Dubai


Dubai is a city in the ?United...


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