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Compile the information presented in your previous papers. 400

Compile the information presented in your previous papers. 400 words

Explain promotional strategy - Explain your promotional strategy for your product or service




Strategy and Positioning Analysis Part I


Tiffany Blunt, TaJauna Buggs, Miguel A. Casanova Canales,


Drea Martin, Mike Merriman, and Sharon A. Perez-Gallagher




August 22, 2016


April Ward









Strategy and Positioning Analysis Part I


Technology is one of the most important assets and attributes that devotes in creating tools,


extracting materials, and processing actions; it may contribute to extending our abilities to


perform in a more efficient way. The technology today, has tremendously improved, and it is


used to accomplish various tasks in our daily lives, it is described as the product that we use to


advance and facilitate our lives (Ramey, 2013). The Samsung Galaxy tablet has been an example


of the advancement in technology that may facilitate humanity action in completing


presentations with the all new ?Holographic Projector? for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet that has


been by far, one of the best electronic products sold in the market.


Overview of Organization


Samsung Company has developed a patent that shows images on the screen of a tablet or


a smartphone. The images are icons rather than an entire movie or pictures projected on the


screen. Users can select images by touch suggesting that the projector will use the phone's


camera to detect interactions. Due to the advancements in technology, the hologram is becoming


more prevalent in the market. The patent of the hologram was filed back in 2014 by Samsung


and was in development in 2015. Now the hologram for smartphones is one of a kind piece to the


puzzle that has advanced the way humanity interacts and projects themselves as far as


technology goes (Edwards, 2015). The hologram interacts in conjunction with the smartphone


with a unique case where the see through section acts as a mean to create a 3D image with the


light. Samsung will be ahead of the game if the hologram has an excellent rating in the next


couple of years. It will be one of the primordially attributes that a college student or a business


person would use, to brief their staff with a very technological experience. The trajectory of the









hologram already has excellent reviews, but it will take some time to meet the established




Description of Product/Service


Samsung Company has been working on a new product that has a holographic projector.


This new feature is stored in the back the device and does not add any unwanted space. It is thin


and reusable at any time. The process for the holographic projector is a great new feature. The


projector is made by using a special paper called OHP paper and after an intricate design,


Samsung produced a new sleek projector. First, the design department created a circle that was


about nine and a half in centimeters. Then, it has crested six points along the outer circle this will


help to create the folds to help the projector stand on its own. However, Samsung wanted to


make the customers happy, and there is an option to order larger sizes at the time of purchase.


With this new feature, the customer can project movies or a work presentation to the company.


Samsung's innovative ideas in technology advancements will benefit the customers with projects,


entertainment at home or on the go.


SWOT Analysis


When considering what type of good or service to offer a market, it is helpful to review


the company?s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Bravo Consultants? SWOT


analysis identifies potential obstacles and opportunities and helps inform management in the


development process.




Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd. (Samsung) is a diversified global manufacturer of a


wide range of consumer and business electronic devices and components. This diversification


gives the company a shelter from economic downturns of one particular class of electronics. In









2013, Samsung sold more than 100 million smartphones around the world and took a 32.3%


share of that market (MarketLine, 2015, p. 4).


The company enjoys strong brand recognition due to its multiple product offerings across


multiple markets. Samsung invests heavily in research and development. In 2013, the company


filed almost 4,700 patents in the U.S., and spend 6.5% of revenue on R&D activities


(MarketLine, 2015, p. 5). The focus on future products includes working with outside firms for


software development.


In considering the holographic projector, the company is a world leader in chip and


component manufacturing will undoubtedly be an asset. The success of Samsung?s recently


launched Galaxy S7 shows consumers that Samsung is listening and responding to consumer






Samsung is currently involved in several patent infringement litigations (MarketLine,


2015, p. 6). Some are instances of the company defending its work, and others are defending


against accusations of theft. Time spent in courts is a drain on the financials of the company.


The use of the Android operating system is an additional weakness. Despite its


manufacturing capability, the company depends on Google?a competitor?for the operating


system. While Samsung has released its operating system in limited use, it will take time before


gaining wider acceptance (MarketLine, 2015, p. 6).


The development and successful commercialization of a holographic screen for the


Galaxy series of smartphones would be a significant marketing advantage for the company.


However, the untried nature of projecting movies and another video entertainment is a significant


gamble for research and development.











Every area of operations for Samsung is expected to grow over the next few years.


Smartphones, tablets, and storage devices continue to gain capability as well as market


penetration. The company?s situation in Asia puts it at an advantage compared to competitors.


As the company develops the holographic projection system, it should not discount the


possibility that another lab has a better product in development. If such a group is identified,


management should consider the option of purchasing the technology.




Competition within the smartphone and tablet market will not decrease in the coming


years. Other phone manufacturers can use the Android OS, which is a hindrance to


differentiation. Growing markets may not have the financial ability to pay the premium


demanded by the Galaxy S7, which could impact sales as manufacturers offer devices to meet


this lower acceptable price.


The threat against the holographic projector comes from competitors. If Apple, Inc., for


example, can release an iPhone with this technology before Samsung does, it could significantly


impact projected earnings.


Competitive Analysis


The competitive analysis of the Samsung brand targets businesses and families. The


Samsung Tablet with Holographic Projector will allow for an easier approach for a business


person, who cannot be in two places at one time, to have a business meeting with their fellow


associates. For the families that may be on the go, the holographic projector can add fun while


camping, traveling the world, reaching out to other family members or to just watching a T.V.











The promotion and the price for this product compared to another company with a similar


product is very competitive in today market. Samsung has already considered consumers? beliefs


about product attributes influence on their attitudes about specific brands and finally induce


behavioral tendencies and preference for a brand (Kashanizadeh, & Esfidani, 2014). If enough


consumers like a product, they will go and tell the next person thus creating a pyramid effect. By


promoting the product by mouth, its reputation will hold a higher value and merit. Thus


consumers will have a greater chance of buying the product. The barriers to competitors would


be how happy a customer is and would be after they get home so to speak. Most users will


benefit typically by an item based on what everybody else is doing or what is more popular


amongst peers.


A big problem with electronics happens when users get home and need assistance. Based


on the demographic analysis, women are more satisfied with the Samsung after-sales services


than men. It is recommended to attract more men to obtain their satisfaction with after-sales


services and eventually brand satisfaction. In fact, people with higher education than MA and


Ph.D. are more satisfied with after-sales (Kashanizadeh, & Esfidani, 2014).


Target Market Segments


Samsung has discovered portions of markets which are untapped or not marketed very


well. Bravo Consultants feels that by narrowing down on this segment, Samsung can continue to


monopolize in the tablet industry. To enhance these segments, Samsung has a comprehend the


market they are building for and make products uniquely tuned to fit their needs (Barjarin, 2014).


This specialization and diversification of tablet design and function are contributing to the


expansion and growth of the market (Presswire, 2015).











The Samsung Tablet with Holographic Projector can be marketed to both the consumer and


businesses. The holographic projector will appeal to any age, gender, income, education,


household or business. Most businesses will want to stay ahead of innovative technologies. For


example, if a CEO wants to meet with the head leaders of his geographically separated head


leaders, these holographic projects can be used for a real-time face-to-face meeting with the


newest technologies. As for everyday consumers, households and tech savvy users can set up the


portable projector and watch movies, talk to relatives, shop for products online. The possibilities


are endless.




Psychographic segmentation targets customers of a particular lifestyle, their personal


activities, and interests as well as their purchasing choices. Businesses could purchase them for


several different reasons, such as board meetings, front desk displays, holographic greeters.




Samsung?s geographic segmentation is not just one region, area, or little hometown, and


it is worldwide. The company sells to everyone one and everywhere. As a world leader in


digital technology Samsung Electronics is progressing into a new era in product development,


corporate culture and contributions to the global society (Samsung, 2016).


Behavioral Factors


Customer loyalty will play a huge factor in the initial sales the of the Samsung Tablet and


holographic project. Consumers use experiences, influences, and personal beliefs when they


purchase a product. Customers tend to prefer a particular brand and usually stick with their


company of choice.









Positioning Statement


Our organization?s product is the Samsung Galaxy?s hologram feature on their smartphone


and tablet. Holographic displays have long been the dream for both consumers and


manufacturers. If the patent is to be believed, Samsung might have solved it with a solution.


This solution uses a case with a translucent panel to create 3D images such as movies, pictures,


or videos in the palm of your hand.


Samsung's targets a very broad range of consumers ranging from normal day-to-day usage


devices to standard industrial equipment. The usual target age group of customers range from the


20s to 50s or even older, as long as the person can purchase and use the products that Samsung


has to offer in the market. Teenagers or young adults ages 14-25 are a group of Samsung product


consumers that are Samsung's tablet and smartphone target customers because they are the most


perceptive to technology. Compared to past years, this group has become one of Samsung?s


most popular customer base due to the fact they have more spending power in recent years than


ever before. Adults ages 26-50 are target audience and the largest portion of Samsung's target


market as this is the group of consumers that have the most ability to purchase any of the


products Samsung has to offer in the whether it is cameras, tablets, smartphones, appliances, or


smart televisions. This age range of customers continues to cultivate as new technology is




This new product solves the target market?s needs by providing technology and


entertainment that allows for images to easily be displayed for the consumer?s enjoyment or


necessity. As mentioned above, a college student is highly likely to use this feature for school


projects, power point presentations, or entertainment where it would otherwise not be possible.


Also, a business person could use this feature for work presentations, meetings, and lectures.









This feature will meet each and every one of its target market?s needs by giving the customer the


freedom of taking a projector where ever they go.


The main difference between Samsung and its competition is the patent that is in place for


this technology. The company itself can afford to produce these products where other companies


may not have the same luxury. This technology is extremely new; it is expensive to produce and


replicate. Samsung?s operations will grow as competition grows, and Samsung will continue to


advance in technology.




There will be companies modifying and developing their products, establishing connections


for their objectives for advancements are seen in society. The innovative ideas like the Samsung


Tablet with the holographic projector have been a success in the market. The technology


advancements with smartphones have revolutionized in just less than a decade. Samsung will


continue to be one of the leading pioneers in technology.











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