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[solution] » 1. Why have the recommendations on exercise during pregnancy

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1. Why have the recommendations on exercise during pregnancy

1. Why have the recommendations on exercise during pregnancy changed so much over the years? 

2. Physical activity during pregnancy is beneficial. What are some ways activities can be modified to maximize safety for mother and baby?

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1. Information about pregnancy weren?t really that much over the last few years, and so American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) suggested that maternal heart rate should not exceed 140 bpm. Naturally a pregnant woman?s heart rate increases during pregnancy so vigorous activities such as running or climbing a stair are considered dangerous. However, researchers found out that exercise does not increase the risk of pregnancy complications nor adversely affect breast milk volume or composition but instead, exercise decreases the risk of pregnancy complications, enhances mood and fitness levels, decreases the risk for postpartum weight retention, etc. (p.342) 


2. Firstly, a mother should consult her ob doctor to know if she has a condition that would predispose her to have complicated pregnancy when engaging with exercise (p. 347-348). A mother should avoid activities such as water and downhill skiing and contact sports; switch to weight machines rather than free weights; use a treadmill or track with even footing rather than a sidewalk; do not exercise in hot and humid conditions; use a fan when exercising indoors; wear clothes that allow heat to dissipate; drink plenty of water; avoid prolonged exercises lying on your back ? use an incline bench to do crunches with the higher than the feet; do not exercise to exhaustion; be sure to consume extra calories that requires about 300 extra calories a day; and have a snack right before exercising to avoid hypoglycemia (p.350).



1. Physical activity in all phases of life maintains and enhances cardiorespiratory


wellness, lessens the risk of obesity and related comorbidities, and results in more


extended life...


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